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Understanding Your Right To Bear Arms In California

As American citizens, there are those of us who enjoy our constitutional right to bear arms. However, this right may not apply to certain weapons, and it does not apply if you are an ex-felon, are on probation in some misdemeanor cases, or if you are subject to a restraining order. Sometimes the manner in which firearms are possessed or used may be illegal.

If you are charged with a weapons-related offense, you need a Daly City weapons offenses attorney who will protect your rights. When you contact my firm, the Law Offices of Jason A. Cueva, that is exactly what you will find. I will fully investigate the facts of your case to have the charge dismissed, have your charges reduced or have the punishment you might face minimized.

Protecting Your Fourth Amendment Rights

If your weapons-related offense was the result of a search of your person, home or vehicle, I will explore any Fourth Amendment issues you might have to determine whether the search was illegal. This is also known as search and seizure.

If you were subject to an unlawful search, the court may suppress the evidence. Sometimes the district attorney might overcharge a weapons offense. For example, I had a case in Contra Costa County in which my client was charged with felony discharge of a firearm, felony criminal threats and a misdemeanor count of spousal battery. At the close of the preliminary hearing, the felony discharge of a firearm was reduced to a misdemeanor and the felony count of criminal threats was dismissed.

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It’s always wise in any criminal case not to handle the matter on your own. Arm yourself with a lawyer to assist you in furthering any defense you may have under the facts, evidence and law that may apply to your case. I offer free consultations and reasonable and affordable rates. Contact me online or call 415-992-5847 to schedule your free initial consultation.