Daly City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Daly City Criminal Record Sealing Lawyer

Protecting Criminal Records In California

No one wants to go to jail or prison. Thankfully, with a good Daly City and San Mateo County criminal record-sealing attorney, you may be able to avoid that. At the Law Offices of Jason A. Cueva, that is what you will find.

While I cannot promise or guarantee the outcome of any criminal case, I recently had a case in Santa Clara County (San Jose) where my client was on probation for felony possession of methamphetamine. The district attorney and probation officer’s recommendation was a commitment to state prison. However, after negotiating this matter and presenting my client’s social reality before the court, the client was ordered to complete an outpatient drug treatment program.

Understanding And Defending Human Error

As with any case, a lawyer should inject social reality into the equation when negotiating a client’s life to a DA or judge. It is important to humanize your client before the court to allow an objective understanding as to how the client ended up before the court.

As your lawyer, I promise to vigorously advocate on your behalf as if it is my life on the line. I will dig deep within the soul of your story to ensure your case is humanized and fairly treated by the court. As with any case, felony or misdemeanor, I will advocate for all possible alternatives to avoid you having to go to jail. Alternatives to jail may include diversion, sheriff’s work alternative programs, work furlough, electronic monitoring and community service.

Redwood City And San Mateo Expungement Lawyer

I also offer record expungements for those who no longer have any criminal cases pending and have successfully completed probation. Whether you are trying to keep your record clean or want the opportunity to cover the crimes already on it, I can help. Contact me online or call me directly at 415-992-5847 to schedule your free initial consultation.