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Daly City Violent Crimes Lawyer

A History Of Dismissals In California Violent Crimes Cases

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being charged with a crime of violence, you should hire a Daly City violent crimes attorney who has proven results in this field. You should hire my firm, the Law Offices of Jason A. Cueva.

While I make no promises or guarantees as to the outcome of any case, I can share with you that I had a client charged with conspiracy involving acts of violence that ended in a dismissal before trial. In another crime of violence case, I had a client charged with battery. The defense of self-defense was used and my client obtained a not guilty verdict.

Work With A San Francisco And San Mateo Assault And Battery Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime of violence or a serious felony, I can offer you both skilled and creative lawyering. I will master the facts of your case and battle with the prosecution on your behalf. I prepare every case as if it is going to jury trial. This helps ensure proper investigation of the case and a “no stone left unturned” approach to defending your criminal case. I will work hard to either increase any possible chance you might have in getting your case dismissed or resolve the case to reduce your charges or lessen the type of punishment you might face.

Defending a client during the course of a criminal case can be time consuming and even stressful for the client if he or she is behind bars. A lawyer needs to be patient, have compassion for the client and, most importantly, should believe the client’s version of the facts of the case.

Better results are achieved when a lawyer places him or herself in the shoes of their client. As with any case I defend, I always place myself in the shoes of my client. I give my client the same representation I would want if I were facing charges. Contact me online or call 415-992-5847 to schedule your free initial consultation.