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Daly City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights And Freedom In Domestic Violence Cases

In California, domestic violence is a serious offense. Whether it is charged as a misdemeanor or felony, the consequences can be harsh. If you find yourself facing charges, you should hire a Daly City, South San Francisco, San Mateo and Redwood City domestic violence attorney who has proven results in this field. When you contact my firm – the Law Offices of Jason A. Cueva – that is what you will find.

While I cannot promise or guarantee the outcome of your individual case, I can confidently say that as a Daly City domestic violence attorney, I have obtained a high volume of favorable results for clients charged with domestic violence.

Overcoming The Guilty Stereotypes In Domestic Violence Cases

As humans, we tend to presume that a person who is charged with domestic violence is guilty. I enjoy the challenge of overcoming that presumption. I have successfully obtained not guilty verdicts before juries in difficult cases, including cases involving witnesses or overwhelming evidence.

I have obtained countless case dismissals both before and on the day of trial. I have settled cases where clients were able to avoid jail time and some of the punitive consequences associated with domestic violence crimes. Many of my clients are able to avoid the countless hours of domestic violence counseling, no-contact orders, supervised probation and firearm surrendering that often comes secondary punishments with domestic violence charges.

Free Consultation With A San Mateo And Martinez Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with domestic violence, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I offer free consultations online or by calling me directly at 415-992-5847.