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Daly City Gang Offenses & Enhancements Lawyer

Fighting Against “Gang Related” Felony Charges

In California, any felony offense that is thought to be “gang related” is subjected to an enhanced penalty on conviction. Although the implementation of the enhancements law was intended to reduce gang violence, in many situations, prosecutors instead use the law to wrongly associate individuals with gangs to increase their penalties and charges.

If that is the situation you are facing, you need a Daly City and Bay Area gang offenses and enhancements attorney who has proven that he or she has experience defending individuals who are facing charges for “gang-related” felonies. You need my firm, the Law Offices of Jason Cueva.

Experience Working With Gang Members

As a former gang outreach worker, I have worked with gang-involved people and Bay Area communities stretching from Richmond in Contra Costa County to San Jose’s East Side community in Santa Clara County.

Over the years, I have helped gang-involved individuals of all ethnic backgrounds. I have a deep insight and understanding of gang culture, and received extensive training from gang experts. This unique insight allows me to better represent those accused of gang-related offenses.

South San Francisco, Richmond, Fremont And San Jose Enhanced Penalty Lawyer

In any gang-related offense, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the crime was for the benefit of a gang, at the direction of a gang, and in association with a criminal street gang. This is usually done through the prosecution’s expert witness.

The obstacles in defending these cases are tough, and you need a lawyer with the type of understanding of gang culture I bring to the fight. I can attack the expert’s basis for his/her opinion. I invite you to a free consultation by phone or at my office. I offer reasonable and affordable rates. Contact me online or call me directly at 415-992-5847 to schedule your free appointment.